AFGE Local 2152 is as diverse as a local can be. Our stewards come from a variety of political, personal, ethnic, military, and professional backgrounds. We bring this vast experience to the table every time we represent a bargaining unit member of Local 2152.

We believe that our Union is greater than the sum of its parts. Together You and I form UNIon!

Executive Officers

President John Copeland

Executive Vice President Dawn Riggs

Treasurer Christina McCoy

2nd Vice President Title 5  – vacant 

2nd Vice President Title 38 Erik Norberg

Chief Steward Eric Gerken

Secretary Kelsey Allen

Sgt at Arms Michael Collins/Marvin Allan

Non-Executive Staff

Women’s Fair Practices Coordinator – currently vacant

Pride Coordinator – currently vacant

Safety Officer – currently vacant

Legislative and Political Coordinators: Eric Gerken, John Copeland, Kelsey Allen, and Dawn Riggs


Card Committee – Chair: currently vacant

Leave Donation Committee – Chair: currently vacant

Audit Committee – Chair: Renee Cotter

Food Committee – Chair: Marvin Allan


Title 38 Stewards:

Hybrid 38 Stewards:

Title 5 Stewards:

Stewards located at the Reno VBA

Title 5 Stewards:

Kelsey Allen (Chief VBA Steward)

Stewards located at the Auburn CBOC

Title 5 Stewards:

Camille Csicsery

Stewards located at the Susanville CBOC

Title 5 Stewards:

Vacant – Become a Steward!

Stewards located at the Fallon CBOC

Vacant – Become a Steward!

Stewards located at the Minden CBOC

Vacant – Become a Steward!